When the World Comes Crashing Down


There are many times in life when it feels like the world is crashing around you. The walls are caving in and you feel like you cannot seem to breath.  There is to so much to do and not enough time, a family crisis and that one last shoe just dropped. Let’s face it, the world can be a cold, hard place to land sometimes.

God does not want us to feel overwhelmed by our circumstances. In fact, he often uses the hard times in our lives to stengthen us and to push us to the next level in our walk with Him.  This is why reading the Bible should be an important part of our Christian lives. God gives us wisdom on how to meet our trials head on within the words of His word. If we choose not to read the word then we miss critical information that God wishes us to have.

So, the next time the burden seems to great…try something different. Sit down in a quiet spot, take a few deep breaths and open your Bible. Read His word and then pray that God place those words into your heart, sould and mind. Ask for peace, wisdom and understanding. Ask God to reveal Himself to you through the words that you have read.