God Will Answer…But How?

f44be78a6f59403864370b16bd91ce94 When you face a problem in your life where you do not understand what God is doing, do not do what so many do, and say, Oh, I’ve tried that faith thing and it doesn’t work, or, I’ve tried God but He doesn’t answer me, or, I’ve tried prayer and it doesn’t work.  The problem is not God, the problem is us. We simply do not have the ability to see the big picture. God knows what is coming down the road and knows which answer is in our best interest. Although His answer may not be what we want at this very moment but that doesn’t mean that the answer given isn’t for the best.  As a people, we are impatient and we want what we want right now with no exceptions.  That is our flaw…not God being mean to us or ignoring us!

We ought to do as Habakkuk did — get out on the watchtower and wait to see what God is going to say. If we ask Him, God will help us to understand something of what we are going through. That is what Habakkuk did, because he expected an answer.

Most commonly, God answers us through his Word. This is what is so valuable about reading the Word of God, especially when you are confused or troubled about how God may be handling your situation. Often light will come suddenly out of a verse which seemed obscure; you will see a new aspect of what you are facing. Perhaps an answer will come when you are listening to a message, or a verse will come to your mind, and it will deal with your situation. God has given us his Word so that we might understand how he responds.

Sometimes, God answers directly in our spirit. We sense a kind of pressure within which drives us in a certain direction; some conviction comes and settles and we cannot shake it off. it is very important to be careful here, because at this point the enemy can counterfeit the voice of God. But the voice of the enemy is always nagging (to make you feel guilty) while God’s Spirit speaks quietly but persistently. If this leading is in line with what the Word of God says, then that is the Spirit of God leading us. Paul says thatthose who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God (Romans 8:14).

At other times God speaks through our circumstances. Doors shut, and we cannot open them, no matter how hard we try. That is God at work, shutting doors here and opening others, ushering us in one direction. We should stop banging our heads on those doors and ask God to show your the next door. 

The thing to remember here is that God will always answer! We should go to Him expecting a correct answer instead of trying to get God to agree with us on what the answer should be.