Our Values



We Value –

The Spirit’s Intimate and Empowering Presence –

We value being spirit filled and spirit led in order to accomplish everything the Lord Jesus Christ desires for us to do. Zechariah 4:6

Servant-hood Leadership –

We value servant leaders willing to invest in the lives of others enabling them to reach their full potential.  2 Timothy 2:2

Team Ministry –

We value building on, strengthening and encouraging our entire body whenever a person or group makes a decision for their area of ministry.  I Corinthians l2

Relationships –

We value a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as the foundation to creating a strong community, who love, care for and build up one another.       Mark l2:30, 31

Excellence –

We value striving for the best that we can be in everything we put our hands to.     Philippians 3:12-14

Communication –

We value the need to constantly convey thoughts, feelings and/or information so everyone clearly understands what each person or group is accomplishing or pursuing as we all strive to build team unity.   Ephesians 4:3

Measurable Productivity and Fruitfulness –

We value the process of developing and creating intentional and practical guidelines, and the right to change them if needed, in order to accomplish our mission and experience our vision.    Colossians 1:10